Safety,Health & Environmental Quality
Quality management system
  • Petrotrade is committed to deliver quality products and services in a safe and sustainable manner to its customers.
  • Petrotrade has a certified Quality Management System which is based on the international ISO 9001:2015 Standard.
  • The quality management system aims at guaranteeing and enhancing customer satisfaction through consistent provision of products and services that meet customer needs.
  • Incorporated in the quality management system is a strict monitoring and measurement process of all the company activities to ensure the customer gets the product and service that meet their needs.
Safety, Health and Environment
  • Petrotrade strives for social investment opportunities which contribute to business growth whilst benefiting the communities in which it operates.
  • Petrotrade is committed to protect the environment.
  • The company has an all round clock safety, health and environment management system which guarantee the safety and health of employees, customers, contractors, suppliers as well as the communities.
  • Within the Safety Health and Management system, there is hazard and risk management, a well-coordinated disaster preparedness and emergency response plan.
Evolving towards green energy
  • Petrotrade is evolving towards green energy through investing in solar energy at its service stations.
  • This is a commitment by the company to contribute to the national and global effort to move away from non-renewable forms of energy which are harmful to the environment.
  • Further commitment to embrace green energy is also being initiated by installing electric vehicle charging systems at some of the service stations.
  • Green energy is friendly to the environment and Petrotrade has targeted to have the greater part of its business powered by solar energy by year 2024.