What are the advantages of using 10W40 engine oil?
10W40 is a high mileage oil. Viscosity is low so it enhances fuel efficiency. It’s a synthetic oil hence a longer drain interval.
How often should I drain my vehicles oil?
Always refer to OEM specifications (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
Which Petrotrade service stations can I access gas?
You can visit these service stations to get your gas View Location
How should I check the amount of gas left in my tank?
Its not safe to shake the gas bottle to check the gas level. Instead, pour hot water on the side of the gas bottle from the top and feel the temperature with your hands. The gas level would be where the temperature is cool.
Do you sell RTGS fuel?
We occasionally distribute RTGS fuel at all our service stations nationwide, you can check on all our digital platforms for updates.
How much are your fuel coupons?


With diverse capabilities and extensive experience in the industry, you can rely on Petrotrade as a critical part of your supply chain. Invest in manufacturer recommended engine oil for your car so that your car will perform efficiently hence reducing the amount of fuel consumed.