LPG Gas Bottles. LPG plant

Petrotrade has Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) in its product offering to ensure access by public to reliable product. The gas is presently available at seven Petrotrade Service Stations namely, Warren Park, Rusape, Gweru, Matshobana, Chinhoyi (Mzari), Karoi and Plumtree. The company aims to expand LPG distribution at all Petrotrade sites across the country. Including gas in its product basket, Petrotrade will contribute towards improving lives of clients in the face of constrained electrical energy supply.

Safety tips for LPG

  • LPG is safe to use if handled and used correctly.
  • Never attempt any Do It Yourself (DIY) fixes or installations.
  • Keep LPG cylinders out of the reach of children.
  • Train all would-be users.
  • Service equipment (burners sometimes get clogged with soot), connections between the cylinder and the appliance may be damaged by rodents or damaged through poor handling.
  • Leaks can occur from loose valves and pipe connections. LPG cylinders are strong and not easily damaged, although the valve at the top can be vulnerable to impact.
  • Use an approved cylinder. Beware of fake cylinders, methyl bromide and fire extinguishers among other containers have been illegally modified into LPG cylinders.
  • Ensure that gas is used in well ventilated spaces, failure to do so may have disastrous health effects.
  • When leaving the premises for a long period of time, disconnect the cylinder altogether.

List of service stations you can find gas

  • Petrotrade Warren Park
  • Petrotrade Karoi
  • Petrotrade Chinhoyi
  • Petrotrade Plumtree
  • Petrotrade Gweru
  • Petrotrade Rusape
  • Petrotrade Matshobana