LubricantPETROTRADE Hydraulic Oil Range

Our PETROTRADE Hydraulic fluids are made of highly refined, Group II+ hydro-Cracked base oils, and
fortified with anti-wear, anti-foam, anti-rust, an anti- oxidant additive, which in its own provides
outstanding anti-wear characteristics with good thermal stability.
This hydraulic fluid is suitable for the following applications:
– Enclosed gear systems
– Plastic injection moulding machines
– Hydraulic systems calling for a zinc containing, anti-wear hydraulic oil
– Hydraulic systems with gear, vane or piston pumps.
– Mobile and stationary high pressure hydraulic systems and construction equipment
– Industrial circulating systems
Benefits of PETROTRADE Hydraulic fluids:
➢ The rust and oxidation inhibitors reduce wear by protecting surfaces, in turn resulting in
longer equipment life and reduced downtime.
➢ This fluid’s high oxidation stability resists the thickening of oil and the formation of deposits
in service, in turn resulting in an extended oil service life.