LubricantPetrotrade STOU 15W40 | Multi-Purpose Tractor Oil

PETROTRADE STOU 15W40 is a multi-purpose oil intended for the year-round lubrication of various systems within the agricultural industry, including agricultural tractors and harvesters.

This oil is suitable for use in the following applications:

– Hydro static steering systems.

– Hydraulic lift and assistance circuits.

– Mechanical transmission fitted with oil bath brakes.

– Atmospheric and supercharged diesel and petrol service motors.

– Gearboxes, bevel gears, reduction drives etc.

– Power take-offs and multidisc clutches operating in oil.

– Conventional mechanical transmissions that call for the use of an API GL4 /MIL.L.2105, SAE 80W90 oil.

PETROTRADE STOU 15W40 oil offers the following benefits to users:

– It reduces the number of lubricants needed on-hand, especially on farms.

– Fortified with special friction modifiers, it ensures progressive, silent, and efficient operation of both clutch and brake systems.

– It features outstanding wear control ensuring a long-term life for the engine, transmission systems and hydraulic circuit components.

– This multi-purpose oil has excellent anti-corrosion properties, protecting the non-ferrous metals in both the engine and other systems.

– The anti-foaming properties help to prevent sump overflow as well as pump depriming or cavitation.

– With a high resistance to oxidation, it prevents the formation of deposits and glaze on parts that operate at high temperatures.

– Having a high viscosity when hot, this STOU 15W40 oil ensures continuous lubrication in the engine, as well as on hydraulic components and gears.

– It has an extreme-pressure capability, allowing for the lubrication of transmissions requiring the use of an API GL4 oil type with a SAE 80W90 viscosity.